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At Central Coast 401(k), we are a team of financial advisors who specialize in helping you build the perfect 401(k) or retirement benefits package for your employees.

We understand the main concerns that plague plan sponsors: fiduciary responsibilities, how to reduce the workload on HR, how to adequately prepare their employees for retirement, and how to lower fees for the plan.

Plan sponsors seek to work with advisors who have specialized knowledge and experience with corporate retirement plans. Just because an advisor has a license to speak to employees does not mean that they are a 401k specialist. Who educates the employees at your company, the newest advisor employee or a CFP® professional with a C(k)P designation?

Take your 401(k) plan to another level

Kurt Jackson, CFP®, C(k)P®, AIF®, CRPS®



In order to determine if a lifelong, sometimes multi-generational relationship with potential financial advisors and their firm is prudent, it helps to know the background of individuals assisting you in financial matters....

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Alexis Walker

Financial Services Coordinator


Below is a brief summary of the experiences of Alexis Walker, the Financial Services Coordinator for Central Coast Wealth Management. 1992: Born third in a set of triplets in Pasadena, California. 1992–2006: Grew up in Pasadena....

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